Germany's Great

Germany, a great Nation. Respected, sometimes feared and far too often underestimated. This safe haven at the heart of Europe and the EU has a calming effect on much of the political and cultural landscape. It also influences world events in a way that is surprising to some.

So after only sixty years under its belt and following twenty years of reunification, what makes this country great? What attracts so many millions of foreigners from across the globe to settle here? Why does it resist patriotism? What do it's people who struggle so much with open pride possess, that makes them lovable?

Germany's Great wiil reveal many truths and opinions. Feel invited to join in.

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Germanys Great - New format now online

Germany's Great is now relaunched with modern and emotional style. Reflecting the success so far, this next phase will gain momentum towards the goal of promoting a present day image that reflects all things positive and a few quirks in great nation...

Amazing Capitals

Amazing Capitals - Expat guides in new format now online

The new Amazing Capitals format is even more streamlined to enable expat readers a speedier search for what they are looking for. Great support in three main zones: Expat Life, Things To Do and The Location. The first location pages online...

Village Green

Village Green - A Children's Creative Charity

This project will bring orphans from across Europe together for creative vacations in a special place. The non-profit organisation will be active in several countries. The new website is now online and fundraising has commenced...

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